Our Answers to Your Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

We have so many options, that there is some arrangement that will fit your budget. Some alternative options to save money are to use keyboards on stands instead of grand pianos, or to use one player instead of two. If you have a solid budget and you want the best show, try adding a third piano player or drums and watch them switch instruments all night and blow the mind of your audience.

Do You Provide Staging?

No we do not, but we can recommend a third-party vendor to take care of it if you do not want to deal with that. It is not necessary to have a great show.

Is the Show Interactive? I Want My Guests to Have a Good Time.

The show is highly interactive unless you ask for it to be more of a background production. We will ask you and your guests to sing, clap, dance, drink (if it's an option), do hand signs and recite or repeat hilarious call-and-response motions or words. We will play different versions of some songs you know that will make you laugh, offer funny toasts, or roast people celebrating a special occasion.

How Do We Get Pianos Upstairs Without an Elevator or in a Space with Narrow or Limited Access?

We have custom engineered beautiful pianos that will fool anyone. They are collapsible and assembled with only a few pieces, so there is no space that is not accessible to us. If there is power, then you can have your dueling piano show. Our piano shells are bigger than all the major companies' shells and look totally authentic, offering a perfect atmosphere and aesthetic for your event.